ESXi Evaluation modus resetten.


As posted in the comments, there is an easier way to reset the 60-day evaluation counter in ESXi. The following instructions resets the evaluation counter each time ESXi server is rebooted:

  1. Press Alt+F1 to enter support mode
  2. Type unsupported <Enter>
  3. If set, enter the administrator password
  4. cd /etc
  5. For ESXi 3.5 Update 4 and ESXi 4.0, edit rc.local; for ESXi Update 3 and earlier, edit rc.early
  6. Insert the following commands at the end of the file:
    1. rm /etc/vmware/vmware.lic
    2. rm /etc/vmware/license.cfg
    3. sync
  7. Save the file
  8. Reboot ESXi server